It Isn’t A Book Launch Until You Get A One-Star Review

Well, it isn’t a book launch until someone gives you a 1-star review:

Now, the thing is, I don’t expect everyone to love my work. In fact, I kind of appreciate it when someone gives me their honest opinion of my books, and I savor those three-star reviews as much as the 4- and 5-star ones.

But you really, really, really have to have your panties twisted up in a wad to give someone’s book a one-star review. I mean, like someone pissed in your cornflakes, salted your coffee, and then gave you a turbo-wedgie on the Monday after daylight savings time went into effect. :)

Still, I chuckle when I get reviews like this, because I’m glad that my work is polarizing. Anything worth reading is going to polarize people – otherwise, it’s boring and not even worth discussing.

And I think it’s obvious that not everyone likes Southern culture, Tejanos, guns, people who pray, men who respect their fathers and love their mothers, and military veterans. So, you have to expect that when you write about these things, somebody is going to object to it and trash your book.

On the other hand, plenty of people out there love that stuff. And I do, too. So, I’ll keep writing it, because I write what I like to read.

Finally, here’s a picture of Chuck Norris with an M-60 standing in front of the flag. Because God, guns, and ‘Murica.
Image credit: The Cannon Group and Golan-Globus Films. And remember, if you ever have an idea, it always belongs to Chuck Norris.

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