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About My Novels

I write paranormal suspense and urban fantasy, set in a world where monsters are real, and the things that go bump in the night are looking for a midnight snack... and humans are on the menu.

The Scratch Sullivan THEM Series

THEM post-apocalyptic urban fantasy seriesIn the Scratch Sullivan THEM series, the books are set in a near-future earth during and after a paranormal apocalypse. Scratch, the main character, is a former Army Ranger and Afghanistan War vet trying to achieve some semblance of normalcy while he deals with the psychological after-effects of war.

But when the bombs fall and the dead walk, Scratch discovers that killing zombies and vampires offers the kind of therapy that you just can't get down at the VA. Finding a new purpose in his strange new career, he falls ass over teakettle into mess after post-apocalyptic mess, yet he somehow always finds a way to make it out of a tight scrape and solider on.

If you ever loved the pulp fiction novels of Robert E. Howard, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and Lester Dent, or if you're a fan of modern post-apocalyptic classics like World War Z and Day By Day Armageddon, then you're sure to love spending time killing Z's with Scratch Sullivan.

The Junkyard Druid Series

Junkyard-Druid-Paperback-Book-Trio-Mockup-800In the Colin McCool Junkyard Druid series, the books are set pre-apocalypse but in the same universe as the Scratch Sullivan/THEM series. Junkyard Druid is straight-up urban fantasy without the cross-genre elements found in the Scratch Sullivan books. They're more along the lines of the work of Jim Butcher or Patricia Briggs than J.L. Bourne or Mark Tufo.

In the Junkyard Druid books, our main character Colin is a lovably nerdy, down on his luck apprentice druid who has turned his back on the supernatural world after suffering a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately for Colin (but fortunately for us), he gets drawn back into the world of the supernatural and fae by the local faery queen, who has designs on him that go well past forcing him to do her dirty work.

Now Colin must come to grips with his dark past, master his darker nature, and find a way to extricate himself from the clutches of the faery queen's web of deceit... and maybe stop a supernatural war or two in the process. But never fear, because Colin has plenty of tricks up his sleeve, and the supernatural world is about to discover he's a power to be both feared and reckoned with...

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Blood Ties a Junkyard Druid Urban Fantasy short story collection

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