Beta Reading Team Info Page

Would you like to get early access to all my new titles, and help me write and publish better novels?

Then sign up for my beta reader list! Membership to this list is by invitation only, and it is expressly reserved for dedicated readers of the Scratch Sullivan and Colin McCool novel series.

What I'll Need From You As A Beta Reader:

When you volunteer to become a beta reader, you'll receive the first draft of my manuscripts after they receive a thorough edit. Sometimes beta readers will help me out by pointing out errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

However, what I need most from my beta readers is feedback on the story itself.

Here's what I want my beta readers to look for when they read and review one of my manuscripts:

  • Continuity errors, either between novels or in the current story;
  • Plot holes and inconsistencies;
  • Factual errors regarding each character's appearance, background, and persona;
  • And finally, anything that might make a story suck. I want your overall opinion on the story. If anything sticks out as being inconsistent, overwrought, trite, etc., then I want to hear your opinion about that story element.

Also, although it isn't required, I always ask that beta readers be the first to leave reviews for my new releases. You certainly aren't obligated to leave a review, but most beta readers do because they want to support my work.

What you'll get from me:

  • Free early access to my latest novels... before they hit virtual bookstore shelves. Hooray!

If you're interested in helping out by providing timely feedback on my latest novels, then enter your email address below to be added to my beta reader list. When you do, you'll be notified when the next round of beta reading begins, so you can participate.