October 2021 Urban Fantasy Author Update

ted lasso meme

It’s time again for yet another urban fantasy author update. Here’s what’s happening in the Druidverse this month… What I’m Watching Not Squid Game, because f*ck conformity. No, I’ve been watching Ted Lasso, of all things, because “yay, conformity!” After a year of hearing people rave about that show, I finally gave it a try and it…

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Druid’s Curse Drops on September 24th!

About Druid's Curse a Druidverse urban fantasy novel by MD Massey

That’s right, Druid’s Curse drops on September 24th. This is the second novel in my Trickster Cycle series and the fourteenth Colin McCool novel to date. So, what can you expect from this latest entry in Colin’s saga? About Druid’s Curse For starters, this book is a return to some of the madcap antics from…

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August 2021 Urban Fantasy Author Update

its fantasy I don't need to do research meme

Hey folks, it’s time for yet another urban fantasy author update. Here’s what’s new in the Druidverse this month. What I’m Doing Not book research. Nope, definitely not that. Blech. What I’m Reading At present, I’m finishing up Richard K. Morgan‘s excellent A Land Fit For Heroes series. Most of you probably know Morgan best…

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What No One Tells You About Being An Indie Author

what no one tells you about being an indie author

Before We Begin, A Disclaimer… Before I delve into this topic, I’d like to start with a caveat or two. First, these are my own opinions, based on personal experience and observation. Do not treat these opinions as the gospel truth, because YMMV. Second, I am not bitching about being a successful indie author. Honestly,…

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Urban Fantasy Author Update May 2021

shade hunted new urban fantasy novel

Time for another (long overdue) urban fantasy author update. Drum roll, please! What I’m Reading Eh, not much. I’ve been doing so much writing and editing, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is look at a page. Well, I take that back. I have been slowly working my…

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Shade Cursed Sample Chapter!

shade cursed urban fantasy promo image

Shade Cursed is the first entry in The Shadow Changeling Series, a Colin McCool Junkyard Druid spin-off series set in M.D. Massey’s Druidverse urban fantasy setting. If you enjoy dark urban fantasy books featuring haunted antiheroes in the tradition of Snape, Walker Boh, and Constantine, you’ll love this story about a human changeling prince fighting…

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