Druid Arcane

Druid Arcane

With his mentor's life hanging by a thread, only one entity has the power to help. Can the journeyman druid rescue the Celtic god of healing, and convince him to save his dearest friend?

I thought that learning magic from a druid master was tough. Between surviving Click’s deadly magic lessons and being harassed by the huldufolk, I’ve been trying to track down the Celtic god of healing, as only he can save Finnegas, my mentor. 

And just when we finally got a solid lead, Loki’s brother showed up to throw a wrench in the gears. Bottom line? I might have to fight an army of fire and frost giants to save Finn’s life. It’s a good thing I brought my wading boots, ‘cause it’s about to get deep...

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With his mentor’s life hanging by a thread, Colin McCool discovers that only one god has the power to heal him. Can the journeyman druid battle his way through an army of Norse giants to save his dearest friend?

If you’ve never learned magic from an insane immortal magician, lemme tell you… it’s no walk in the park.

Six long months I’ve spent here in Iceland, boning up on my magic skills while I search for a way to heal my mentor, Finnegas. So far, my substitute magic teacher has nearly killed me a dozen different ways.

But I don’t care, because the old man is depending on me. And now that the Celtic gods are hot on my tail, I’ll need these skills to survive.

Between surviving Click’s batshit crazy magic lessons and being harassed by the huldufólk, I’ve been tracking down the Celtic god of healing. According to Click, Dian Cécht is the only one that can help the old druid, and now we finally have a solid lead.

Only problem is, Loki’s brother Býleistr found out I killed his son, and he wants blood. And with an army of giants behind him, he’ll stop at nothing to keep me from Dian Cecht as revenge.

I have to admit, this time I don’t know if I can pull off a win. But, I’ll be damned if I let the old man die on my watch. And if Býleistr wants to send me to Hel, I’ll take him and his whole jötnar army with me… 

Series: Junkyard Druid, Book 11
Genres: Dark Fantasy, New Adult Urban Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Tags: dark fantasy, druid, druids, fae, fairies, fantasy, magic, new adult, Norse mythology, Norse myths, paranormal, shifter, shifters, urban fantasy, vampire, vampires, werewolf, werewolves
Publisher: Modern Digital Publishing
Publication Year: 2020
ISBN: 9798669148294
List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
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