Treasonous Magic

Treasonous Magic

Book 4 in the CERBERUS paranormal detective series!

A deadly daywalking vampire, a super-sized serial killer, and a deceptive director all dog Agent Mendoza’s steps. Can he unravel the conspiracy behind the murderous rampage, before death comes knocking at his door?

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About the Book

Agent Tony Mendoza has a sleeping problem… every time he falls asleep, he dreams of her.

But it’s not any cozy, cuddly encounter his subconscious conjures, nor some kinky, carnal congress.

Instead, Tony’s nights are haunted by nightmares of his supernatural stalker bleeding him dry.

He’s also seeing things. Shadows flitting at the edges of his vision, cloaked figures lurking in darkened doorways, and a 7-foot-tall homeless man who accosts him and disappears.

Except, the leviathan vagrant turns out to be real—and he’s killing people close to home.

As the murders edge toward Tony’s inner circle, the detective suspects his insidious inamorata might be the cause.

Now, Agent Mendoza has to track down the killer and dig up the dirt on his vampiric tormentor, all while being stonewalled by the mysterious and secretive Director Strickland.

The clock is ticking. Will Tony connect the clues in time to prevent the deaths of his closest friends? Or will he fall prey to the vicious vamp’s witchery, sacrificing his autonomy, forever?

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