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Why Writing Fiction Is Harder Than People Think

writing fiction is harder than people think

Every author has heard this line at least once: “I’ve got this great idea for a book.” Whenever we hear those words, we paste on a polite smile while slowly dying inside, because we know what’s coming next. “And if I could just find someone to write it, it’d be a guaranteed bestseller.” Um, no.…

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No, I Haven’t Been Goofing Off…

Krav Maga disarm

It’s time for another of my very infrequent blog posts, which I usually write so my readers don’t think I’m just goofing off and ignoring them. Or ignoring the next novel, short story collection, audiobook, or whatever else I have on my production schedule. And while I do love nothing more than playing video games…

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How To Deal With Criticism As A Writer

Blood Circus audiobook

Welcome to the Mid-December update from The World Beneath! I have a ton of writing to do before this weekend, so let’s jump right in… What’s New? A couple of things, actually. For one, the audiobook for Blood Circus was released last week. And, Blood Scent and Blood Circus are (finally) available in paperback format. Also,…

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Happy December!

December at the Massey's

December is here and the Massey family is well into celebrating the holiday season. It’s been nothing but lights and trees and decorations around here for a week straight: But that’s not all that’s been going on around here… I’ve also been hard at work on Book 8 of the Colin McCool/Junkyard Druid series. The…

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