Editing, Editing, Editing…

Colin McCool and the Vampire Dwarf book coverI’m still going through the first edit of the book, mostly due to the fact that I set it aside to work on other projects. I find that if I walk away from my work for a few weeks, then return to it, I have a lot more clarity regarding the tone, character voice, direction, and so on.

And, I can honestly say that in this case that stepping back for a few weeks has absolutely been helpful. Tightening up a story can be terribly difficult, because often you have to cut away a lot of the work you’ve already done.

Regardless, I’ll be sending my draft off for content editing later this week, and after that I’ll go through another edit, then send it off for copy editing and (hopefully) publication in the Kindle store before Christmas. Yay!

And by the way, here’s a sneak peek at the final book cover…

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