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After suffering a tragic loss, druid-trained hunter Colin McCool swore off monster-hunting for good. Now a rogue vampire is killing the weak and defenseless in his city, and no one else seems to care enough to stop him. To end the slaughter, Colin has agreed to take up his sword one last time—but will this “one final job” be the death of him?

"I loved it so much that I immediately bought the whole series! If you like Kevin Hearne, Jim Butcher, Orlando A. Sanchez or John G. Hartness, you will love this wonderful addition to the Urban Fantasy genre. I can't recommend it enough."

—Helen, Amazon reviewer

Druid Blood urban fantasy novel


Things are going great for Colin. He's the star of his high school baseball team, he has a killer motorcycle, and his mom's career as an artist is finally taking off. Then, a chance encounter with a leprechaun reveals that nothing in his world is as it seems. If Colin doesn't stop the fae from taking over his town, they'll destroy everyone and everything he loves...

"A thoroughly enjoyable backstory/prequel to Junkyard Druid. The explanations of Celtic mythos and the Gaelic terms is couched as the education of the protagonist, Colin, and thus, doesn't talk down to the reader. I'm looking forward to the rest of this series!"

—Katherine, Amazon reviewer

"M.D. Massey offers bantering humor and action-packed adventure reminiscent of Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files..."

Liz Konkel
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