Rave Reader Review For Colin McCool #1

Nothing like getting a thumbs up for your book from a readerSo, I ran a StoryCartel contest to coincide with the launch of Colin McCool and the Vampire Dwarf, and gave away some Amazon gift cards to the winners.

Meghan was one of the readers who won a gift card (Story Cartel determines that, by the way, through some random process or another). So, I emailed her to let her know she was a winner, and this was her response:

“Thank you. I really enjoyed your book and can’t wait to read the second one. And that additional chapter – very cool. I like the way you did that.

I actually am glad that you emailed me because I’m excited to tell you this. Over the weekend, some friends from out of town came to visit me with their children. These kids are around my nieces age and we used to have slumber parties at my place with the group of them. My nieces and I always read chapter books before they went to bed, even after they were old enough to read it themselves (they’ll be 13 this year – twins).

So, my friends’ kids, as soon as they walked in my door, asked me what we were going to read. I decided we’d read your book. We were up until early Saturday morning and read it one sitting. They LOVED it. So in my book – TOTAL thumbs up 🙂

Have a good day. And thanks again for the gift card.


Well… you’re quite welcome, Meghan. And, hooray for super-cool readers like you who provide awesomely encouraging feedback to new authors (and don’t kid yourself, we desperately need the encouragement).

By the way, I’m working on the second book and I promise keep my fans and readers updated via this blog and my newsletter. So, stay tuned!

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