Teen Wolf Season 4 Is Better Than Ever…

Well, I just watched the Season 4 mid-season finale of Teen Wolf (I refuse to pay extra for MTV, so I stream them on my Amazon Fire TV like just about every other show I watch). And, I know a lot of people thought that after they killed off Allison Argent toward the end of S3 that this season was going to be a bust.

They were wrong. Although the fight scenes haven’t improved much (see below), this season’s storyline and character development have taken the show beyond what could have been a major jump the shark moment… and I have to say I’m pleased that the writers and cast have carried this season forward in such a grand manner.

I’ll Admit It… Teen Wolf Is My Guilty Pleasure

teen-wolf-posterI blame it on a fellow martial arts instructor. About a year ago, he posted about how he got sucked into the new and improved version of Teen Wolf on MTV. So, one afternoon when I was bored out of my skull I decided to check it out.

And damn it if I didn’t get sucked in too.

Now kids, I haven’t watched MTV since it became a 24/7 reality TV channel back in, oh, the early nineties, so I was clueless to the whole Teen Wolf thing. However, I’m almost always jonesing for some decent paranormal television to watch.

Besides observing the steady downhill stumble of HBO’s favored series racehorse (lately TB makes me feel like I’ve contracted a communicable disease whenever I finish an episode), and sitting through yet another season of watching the Winchester brothers stomping demon ass on the CW (it’s time for something new, or time to put a bullet in it, don’t cha think?) there’s not much that’s interesting to watch on T.V. in the urban fantasy and contemporary fantasy genres.

Now, granted, I did kind of get into Hemlock Grove on Netflix. It’s decent, if a little too Twin Peaks-ish for me (the T.V. show, not the restaurant). And I did try to watch Bitten (hey, Laura Vandervoort is hot, but not hot enough to make me sit through that soap opera for 44 minutes), Lost Girl (again, a little too much estrogen for me), and Haven (can you say “train wreck that no amount of cute blond can fix”?), but nothing on TV has really captured my attention of late.

That is, until Teen Wolf came out of left field and piqued my interest. Admittedly, I’m not completely sold — the fight scenes leave a lot to be desired (can a werewolf not learn mixed martial arts or shoot a gun?) and the teen romance subplots are sort of silly to a 40-ish man-boy like yours truly (I was nerdy as hell in high school, had no werewolf powers whatsoever, and even I managed to make out better than Scott) — but what the series lacks in execution, it makes up for in writing and talent.

Is Teen Wolf One Of The Best Paranormal Shows On TV?

Maybe. With the debut of The Strain this summer, I’d have to say I’m leaning toward Del Toro and Hogan’s creation. But for sheer pluck and entertainment value, I can’t help but give Teen Wolf some well-deserved props.

Notwithstanding the franchise’s pedigree, the show really does have some promising young actors and actresses filling out their roster. Tyler Posey has done an adequate job of carrying the lead role, Dylan O’Brien is outstanding as the hapless side kick (looking forward to seeing him in The Maze Runner movie), and the remaining supporting cast certainly rounds out their roster with enough talent to fill the cast of three standard network dramas.

Bottom line? Among a slew of horrible and mediocre TV shows in the paranormal/urban fantasy genre, Teen Wolf is a show that’s worth watching. Does it pander a bit too much to the teen crowd? Yeah, at times, but this is MTV we’re talking about – never mind the title of the show. And for a guy who grew up in the eighties, back when Michael J. Fox was the man, well… let me just say that I’m amazed at how cool they made the franchise this time around.

If you doubt me, feel free to compare the following clips… I think you’ll agree that the MTV version is hella better than either MJF’s or Justin Bateman’s version (and yes kids, those are the actual movie trailers, not YouTube spoofs). I’ll just let you be the judge:

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