The Strain Just Keeps Getting Better And Better

Can I just say that this week’s episode of The Strain blew me away? Creatures of the Night was reminiscent of a classic Romero film, with all the tension and gore that a really good horror flick should have.

Of course, the strigoi in The Strain are more akin to the vampires in 30 Days of Night than they are to Romero’s standard zombies (slow-moving, not too bright, and mostly dangerous in large groups), but the pacing of this latest episode is, in my opinion, definitely a nod to the great master of horror films.

In case you missed it or you haven’t started watching the series yet (I’ve been watching them on Amazon Prime), here’s the episode trailer from FX:

Now that’s what I call some high-quality vamp huntin’! Scratch Sullivan would be proud.

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