Zombie Apocalypse Novel THEM Invasion Is Here!

zombie apocalypse novel THEM Invasion by MD MasseyFinally, my new zombie apocalypse novel, THEM Invasion has hit the virtual shelves at online booksellers everywhere. So what’s this latest Scratch Sullivan novel about?

Since writing the first serials, I’ve always felt that I needed to provide more backstory for Scratch, to let you guys know how he became the bad-ass zombie and vampire-killing machine that he is today.

So, this book tells Scratch’s story during the very first days of the arrival of THEM. It explains how he became “Scratch” and just what drives him to hunt and kill the living dead. Here’s a short synopsis of the book:

After serving two combat tours in Afghanistan, former Army Ranger Aidan Sullivan just wants to find some normalcy. But when the bombs fall and the dead walk, he’s is forced to risk life and limb to rescue his aging parents before zombies overrun their quiet community. And to do it, he’ll need to traverse half the state of Texas while dealing with out-of-control military units, violent redneck looters, and all manner of evil things that go bump in the night. But Aidan won’t be deterred, and he’ll reach his parents come hell or high water… even if it means fighting through a flood of the undead. Get your copy today and discover the twisted, dystopian, Southern-fried, post-apocalyptic world of Scratch Sullivan and THEM.

Damn, that gives me chills just reading the description – and I already know what happens in the book! Just so you know, at around 200 actual pages THEM Invasion is a bit shorter than the Season One compilation, as it’s meant to be an introduction to the series and the world of THEM.

However, it’s an action-packed, suspenseful read that I know you’re going to love. My beta readers were begging for more after they finished it, which was exactly the effect I was going for…

If you love zompoc novels, post-apocalyptic fiction, paranormal and urban fantasy novels, or Western horror, then this book is going to be right up your alley. And the best part is, right now it’s on sale for .99 cents.

Of course, I won’t have it on sale forever; in fact, the retail price is increasing May 1st. Get it now while you can at this price, because in just a few weeks I’m bumping the price to $2.99.

Until next time,

~M.D. Massey

P.S. – Early reviews are critical to getting a new horror novel featured in the major e-reader newsletters. I know your time is valuable, so thanks in advance to anyone who is kind enough to leave a positive review for THEM Invasion.

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