Zombie Apocalypse Novel THEM Invasion Receives 5-Star Review From Reader’s Favorite

Great news! My zombie apocalypse novel THEM Invasion recently received a five-star review from ReadersFavorite.com. Check it out:

THEM Invasion zombie apocalypse novel

“THEM Invasion is an action/horror novel by author M.D. Massey, and the first book in the Scratch Sullivan Paranormal Post-Apocalyptic Action Novel Series. The ‘them’ of the title refers to the undead, primarily in the form of zombies. Our hero is Scratch Sullivan, a veteran of two tours of Afghanistan where he saw combat that has traumatized him, so much so that he finds it hard to lead a normal life. Lucky (or unlucky) for Scratch, normality is turned on its head as soon as the zombies arrive, and his previous experiences rally him into action against this vicious new threat. Worst of all, his elderly parents need rescuing, and society is slowly spiraling out of control all around him.

“I really enjoyed the way M.D. Massey crafted the chaos of this novel’s situation. Sometimes in the PA genre, readers only get sucked into the hero’s struggle, but in THEM Invasion the whole state is up in arms and I felt that panic right the way through the story. The military references are superbly authentic, giving Scratch some credibility as an everyday hero, and I loved the characterization and development that had clearly gone into even the smallest of side characters (the rednecks were particularly amusing). Despite the violence and gore of the horror genre, I smiled all the way through this accomplished and engaging read. Overall, THEM Invasion is a rip-roaring action fest with plenty to entertain fans of the zombie, action, adventure and horror genres, especially if they also love Texas!”

~ K.C. Finn, Reader’s Favorite Reviews

Thanks K.C., for that awesome review. Now, back to writing the next book in the series…

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