August 2021 Urban Fantasy Author Update

its fantasy I don't need to do research memeHey folks, it’s time for yet another urban fantasy author update. Here’s what’s new in the Druidverse this month.

What I’m Doing

Not book research. Nope, definitely not that. Blech.

What I’m Reading

At present, I’m finishing up Richard K. Morgan‘s excellent A Land Fit For Heroes series. Most of you probably know Morgan best for his science fiction works, most notably Altered Carbon, which was picked up for series production on Netflix (and very much worth watching). However, his fantasy novels are just as good if not better, and I’ve rather enjoyed working my way through Ringil Eskiath’s adventures over the last several weeks.

As for the non-fiction books currently on my digital nightstand, I’m rereading Writing Wonder by David Farland. Right now I’m working my way through the section on magic systems, and I honestly wish I’d had this book in my hands before I started writing the Colin McCool series. I consider it required reading for fantasy authors, so if you’re planning a fantasy novel or working on one, do pick it up.

What I’m Watching

With Denis Villeneuve’s vision of Frank Herbert’s Dune releasing soon, I decided I’d brush up on my Arrakis lore the easy way… by watching previous film adaptations. I started with the original David Lynch film, and then I stumbled across the Syfy miniseries version on YouTube.

I’d been trying to find a way to stream the series for ages, and finally broke down and bought the director’s cut used on Amazon. It’s a hell of an effort, especially considering the limited budget they were working with when the series was shot. If you get the yen for some Dune before the new film drops and the Lynch version isn’t cutting it, check out the Syfy series. You will not be disappointed.

What I’m Playing

I recently replayed KOTOR 2 on iPad. And, like the first time, I was so very happy and entertained—until the finale, that is. Seriously, what were they thinking?

Anyway, I decided to start KOTOR, since I recalled it being a much more satisfying experience. Sure, the graphics are horribly dated, but the storytelling still holds up. And that’s what every great CRPG is really all about, right?

What I’m Listening To

For the last week or so, this playlist has been keeping me company while I write:

90’s Pop Rock Essentials on Spotify

Incidentally, there’s not a single Nickelback track to be found there. Go figure.

What I’m Writing

Thanks to my INTJ personality, when I get in novel-writing mode I tend to neglect my family. So, after dropping four novels between December 2020 and June 2021, I took some badly needed time off in July to make up for it.

Following weeks of driving all over the state visiting our extended family, getting some vitamin beach, and doing all sorts of touristy shit, I’m back at my writing desk working on Druid’s Curse. Sorry, no promises on a release window yet—I’m letting my muse take its course on this one.

That said, I didn’t lie completely fallow last month. In fact, I spent considerable time compiling and releasing audiobook boxed sets for the entire Colin McCool series on Audible. That’s right, you can now listen to Books 1-4, Books 5-8, and Books 9-12 for a grand total of three Audible credits. You’re welcome, Audible credit misers.


  1. Christian on August 21, 2021 at 4:36 pm

    Yessssss finally! I have been checking your page everyday now for a week. I am craving more colin as I have nothing else to read. I am glad you are back but I hope your time off was wonderful!

  2. John on September 21, 2021 at 7:00 pm

    I love your stance on fantasy research. “Blech!”
    Although, if the mythical creatures you write about turn out to be real, they may want a word with you. I just bought a copy of Writing Wonder. Thanks for the advice.

    • M.D. Massey on September 26, 2021 at 2:00 pm

      If they turn out to be real, I’m in trouble. And I actually do quite a bit of research for my novels. “Mistakes” in my portrayals of mythical characters and creatures are typically (but not always) intentional. The weird thing about writing books based on Celtic mythology is that the myths contradict each other so much, eventually you have to pick a version and stick with it. Keeping those choices straight is the real challenge.

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