Urban Fantasy Author Update July 2023

urban fantasy author update

It’s been a while since I posted an urban fantasy author update. Here’s what I’ve been up to since you last heard from me… What I’m Watching On the summer movie front, I thought Guardians 3 and Across the Spider-Verse were the standout superhero movies of the year.  The Flash was an okay superhero flick,…

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My Top Five Novel Writing Tools And Apps

My top five writing tools and apps

Readers seem to like it when I give them a peek into my writing process. For that reason, this month I’ve compiled a list of my top five novel writing tools and apps for anyone who is interested in the writing tools I use on a daily basis. IMO, any top 5 list of story…

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The Top 10 Best Urban Fantasy Series

the top 10 best urban fantasy series

(Note: Any list of the top 10 best urban fantasy series will be far from objective. That said, the following are among my top picks for the best UF novel series of all time. ~MDM) Urban fantasy novels provide readers with a captivating blend of contemporary settings and fantastical elements. These stories often take place…

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Felony Magic Sneak Peek!

Felony Magic coming soon

(Enjoy this sneak peek of Felony Magic, Book 3 in the CERBERUS Paranormal Detective Series. The book drops on May 5th, so be sure to pre-order your copy at this link. ~M.D.M.) There are two things Selma is renowned for: racing and the upper-middle class. It isn’t just the horses in Ratama Park that are…

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The Best Urban Fantasy Series Of All Time

the best urban fantasy series

Choosing the best urban fantasy series is a lot like choosing a good wine—which you choose depends on your mood and what you’ll be pairing it with that evening. Some nights you might be dining out and trying to choose the best wine to complement your meal, while other nights you just plan to zone…

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