All About The New Druidverse Paranormal Detective Series!

CERBERUS paranormal detective series

I’m a sucker for a good paranormal detective series. Give me a mix of cops and monsters, mystery and action, and I am going to be down all day long for that kind of fiction. In the new Druidverse® urban fantasy law enforcement series, that’s exactly what we’re delivering. The first three books are being…

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Your New Year’s Day Pep Talk For 2023

New Year's Day pep talk image

I’d like to talk to you about critics and detractors, and to do that I need to discuss my work for a few paragraphs. Please allow me the luxury of self-involvement for these few moments, as I promise this is going somewhere. From a story perspective, Druid’s Gamble is probably one of the better books…

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Druid’s Gamble Drops Tomorrow on 12/19/2022!

My new urban fantasy novel, Druid’s Gamble, drops on Monday December 19th, 2022.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the book: When Loki tasks Colin with stealing the Apple of Discord from Eris, the druid assembles a crew of misfits and thieves to stage the biggest heist in supernatural history. Viva Las Vegas, baby! So what…

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October 2022 Urban Fantasy Author Update

The Shadow Changeling Series Urban Fantasy Box Set

Recent Releases I just dropped two audiobook box sets on Audible. One includes all three Crowley novels, and another includes the first six novellas and short story collections. You can check them out at the links below: The Shadow Changeling Series Box Set The Junkyard Druid Novellas Box Set What I’m Watching If you’re a…

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