My “Off the Beaten Path” Urban Fantasy Book Picks

urban fantasy book picks

Q: This week, reader Steven P. asks: “I was wondering if you could point me to some new authors that are similar to you. They don’t have to be exactly in your same realm. I do like apocalyptic, some sci-fi, futuristic stuff as well. Just gotta keep me intrigued. If you have any suggestions, shoot…

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Druid’s Bane Drops On Kindle And Kindle Unlimited Tomorrow!

Druids Bane urban fantasy novel by MD Massey

Hooray, Druid’s Bane drops on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited on Monday, July 18th (note: you can already order the paperback version by clicking here). Some Early Reader Feedback for Druid’s Bane… My beta readers have been going over the ARC with a fine-toothed comb for the last week, helping me make last-minute improvements to the…

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May 2022 Urban Fantasy Author Update

Forgotten Ruin Wargate Novel

Hey folks! It’s time for a long overdue urban fantasy author update. Here’s what’s brewing in my world currently… What I’m Watching My wife and I just finished watching Moon Knight, and although we enjoyed the show I have mixed opinions on it. While I thought a few of the episodes were strong (Episodes 2 & 4…

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January 2022 Urban Fantasy Author Update

break from writing meme

It’s a new year, so I guess it’s time for another urban fantasy author update… What I’m Reading Fiction-wise I’ve been looking for a decent cultivation fantasy novel, just to check out what that sub-genre has to offer. To that end, I picked up Tao Wong’s first A Thousand Li novel, and the first book…

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Cliffhanger Endings And Why Writers Use Them

raccoon writing a cliffhanger

Every once in a while, I’ll scan my reviews for reader feedback in hopes of finding ways I can improve future novels. I usually stick to middle-of-the-road reviews, because IMO reviewers who are “meh” about a book often offer useful feedback for authors who are willing to listen. However, I recently happened to stumble across…

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