Druid’s Gamble Drops Tomorrow on 12/19/2022!

Druids Gamble new urban fantasy novel by MD MasseyMy new urban fantasy novel, Druid’s Gamble, drops on Monday December 19th, 2022.  Here’s a quick synopsis of the book:

When Loki tasks Colin with stealing the Apple of Discord from Eris, the druid assembles a crew of misfits and thieves to stage the biggest heist in supernatural history. Viva Las Vegas, baby!

So what else can I say about this novel?

It’s the fourth and final book in the Trickster Cycle urban fantasy series. If I had to describe it I’d say that Druid’s Gamble is a heist thriller, action-adventure tale, fantasy novel, and time travel story all rolled into one.

An impossible magical heist? Check. Angry Greek gods? Double-check. A plan that’s worth a damn? Not when you hire Colin McCool to do the job!

As proof of that assertion, here’s a brief excerpt from the novel:

That was why I knew these were no ordinary ursathropes. Sure, the names tipped me off, but even without that info, I’d have seen it right away. What I faced were two polar bear-sized ’thropes with bodies that were just like a large kodiak or polar bear, just with longer legs and a more oblique hip angle.

Oh, and opposable thumbs, let’s not forget that. I could see fairly well in the dark—not as good as a ’thrope or vamp, but with decent clarity—so I was also able to make out that one was nearly black, while the other’s fur was a light, almost blond-brown.

They were obviously used to fighting together, because the black bear dropped to all fours and charged me, while the brown bear remained upright, circling around to flank me while his brother kept me occupied.

Legend had it that their mother, who I assumed was the strix perched above, had been cursed by Aphrodite to lust after bears. Weird, I know, but no one ever said the gods made sense. Being a demigod herself, Polyphonte was able to conceive through that union, and these two bruisers were the result.

‘And in this episode of how f*cked up is f*cked up, meet the Bestiality Brothers.’ Yikes. 

I didn’t even want to know how that worked. What I did know was that I was about to get run over and mauled by 1,500 pounds of charging werebear. To hell with that. Instead of trying to dodge out of the way—and likely right into an attack by brother number two—I planted my feet and swung for the fences.

Maybe I mentioned it before, but it bears saying that my right fist was a battering ram, at least in the figurative sense. While my left arm was thinner and the hand more claw-like, my right arm was thick with muscle, and it ended in a fist that was nothing but mineral deposits and callouses, the size of a basketball and weighted like a wrecking ball.

I was also hellaciously strong in this form, nearly the match of legendary gods and demigods like Heracles and Thor. So, when my uppercut connected with the underside of the black bear’s jaw, the resulting impact snapped his head back and up, causing his body to continue forward on a straight line.

The werebear’s neck snapped with a loud crack as his body collided into me and bowled me over. I rolled with the impact, grabbing the loose flesh and fur on the side of his neck with my other hand. Then, I placed a foot in the bear’s belly, kicking his limp, inert form over my head.

As luck would have it, brother one flew right into brother two as he was sneaking up to attack my back. The two fell into a stack of wooden crates, knocking them over. I rolled out of the way, springing to my feet as the boxes crashed to the stained concrete floor…

So far, reader feedback has been phenomenal. Here’s what one of my ARC readers has to say:

“Wow! The stakes are high for Colin in this new book by MD Massey!

“Put to a task by Loki himself, Colin has to take on Vegas to steal a couple of artifacts to try and take his city back. He has to build a crew, make a plan, handle a stalker, and outwit the master Trickster all at once!

“Who will betray him? Will he be able to pull it off? Love the cast of characters he pulls together, quite the menagerie! I loved how the tension kept building throughout the book, how you kept wondering which one of the bad guys was THE bad guy…

“Quite a lot gets wrapped up in his ‘gamble.’ A great, tight story!”

~Tami C., 5-star ARC reader review

If you’d like to snag your copy, you can get it at the following links:

As for the audiobook, the manuscript is already with my narrator. I anticipate an early February release, barring any unforeseen delays in production. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when the audiobook drops.

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