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Cheap and Free Urban Fantasy Books To Get You Through The COVID-19 Lockdown!

free urban fantasy books

Need some cheap and free urban fantasy books to read while you’re on lockdown? Here’s a list of all the books I’m giving away for free right now, and what I have on sale…

Blood Scent – This is the prequel to Junkyard Druid. You can grab it for free here:

Druid Blood – Another prequel to Junkyard Druid. Snag it free at my site here:

Druid Mystic – The latest book in the Junkyard Druid series (10 of 10). I extended the introductory $2.99 sale indefinitely due to the current situation. You can grab it here:

Junkyard Druid, Graveyard Druid, and Moonlight Druid – I dropped these books to 99 cents, $1.99, and $2.99 to help promote the Druid Mystic release. I’m keeping them on sale for the same reason Druid Mystic is still on sale. Here are the links: (99 cents) ($1.99) ($2.99)

I think that’s all of the cheap and free urban fantasy novels in my backlist. I hope this helps—I know things are rough out there for a lot of people.

Please stay safe and healthy, and feel free to visit me at my Facebook page if you enjoy any of the above titles and you want to say hi!


~M.D. Massey

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