Junkyard Druid On Sale For Just .99 Cents

Junkyard Druid officially released on Amazon yesterday, and the book was well-received. We hit several best-seller and hot new release lists, including the top 20 in Ghost Suspense and Vampire Suspense, and the top 50 in New Adult and College Fantasy.

Also, initial reader reviews have been quite positive. So far the book is averaging 4.5 stars, with over 60% of readers giving it five stars.

Thanks so much to everyone who read and reviewed the book while it was on pre-order, and to those of you who purchased the book during the pre-order sale and on launch day. I sincerely appreciate all your support!

Remember, the book will be on sale from now until October 13th, and after that the price goes up to $2.99. So, get your copy of the Kindle version now while it’s still at the reduced price.

Thanks again for your support!

hot new releases in Ghost Suspense novels


hot new releases in Vampire Suspense novels

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