Oddball Movie Review: Hunt for the Wilderpeople

“Woah, He’s Giving That Pig a Piggyback!”

I almost always get sick after a long flight, and this week my trip back from Boston Fantasy Fest was no exception. So, I bundled up yesterday and watched this little gem from Taika Waititi, the guy behind Thor: Ragnarok and What We Do In The Shadows (go watch it if you haven’t seen it—it’s the best documentary spoof since This Is Spinal Tap).

Granted, Hunt for the Wilderpeople is not even remotely a fantasy or post-apocalyptic film. Instead, it’s more of a cross between a Stephen Spielberg coming of age film, a John Hughes comedy flick, and Hatchet.

This film stars Sam Neill as a cantankerous Kiwi bushman, and Julian Dennison, who played the annoyingly funny, angsty teen in Deadpool 2 (no, not that one, the other one). Apparently, that role was a reprisal, because his character in this movie is like a lighter send-up of Firefist, sans pyrokinesis (or whatever the hell that kid’s powers were).

Instead of writing a lame plot synopsis, I’d rather you watch the film trailer, as it’s absolutely representative of the silly laughs this film delivers throughout:

Anyway, if you enjoy goofy comedies filled with great one-liners (or lighthearted films that hit you in the feels), this flick is worth checking out. I watched it for “free” on Hulu, so you can probably still find it there. Enjoy!

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