Slides From My “Themes in Dystopian Fiction” Presentation

Bueller Bueller anyone

A few weeks back Vice Principal Marc Hernandez invited me to deliver an in-service presentation on the topic of dystopian fiction for the fine teachers and staff at the Liberal Arts and Sciences Academy in Austin, Texas.

LASA is unique in that students of the academy are required to study both STEM subjects and the liberal arts. Entrance is highly competitive, and the school receives roughly twice as many applicants each year as they are able to admit. It is really an amazing example of innovation in education, and I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to speak by the LASA administration.

Well, I promised those who attended that I’d upload my PowerPoint slides today, so here they are in all their glory.

Thanks again to everyone present for participating.

Click here for the slides…

Click here for the group discussion handout…

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