Yup, I’m Still Writing Colin McCool Book Two…

Graveyard DruidHey folks, just wanted to post a quick update. Despite rumors of my demise (“Damn you 2016!”) I am still very much alive and working on the second Colin McCool novel.

Normally I crank out books at lightning speed, and I can typically write a 70k novel in under a month. However, I’ve slowed down quite a bit on this second Colin McCool book, partly because the day job beckons, and partly to make sure it’s a fun read and a worthy follow-up to the first book.

I’ll post more news on the book as it gets closer to completion. Right now it’s about 80% complete. I have a few more weeks of focused writing to do, then after I edit it I’ll send it off to my editor, who does the real work in making sure I publish readable material.

So, thanks for your patience. And in the meantime, if you haven’t read the Scratch Sullivan series go pick up THEM Book One on Amazon. Colin shows up in Book Three, so for you Colin fans it’ll be worth reading through the first few books to read more about everyone’s favorite reluctant druid.

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