My Favorite Books On Writing

books on writing

As a somewhat well-established novelist, I regularly receive requests for writing and publishing advice from aspiring authors. In some cases, those questions are from readers who have an idea for a novel, and they want my opinion on their concept. And in other cases, the requests are for writing tips, or for advice on how…

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Urban Fantasy Author Update for September 2020

Raven's Mark series quote

Dang… September snuck up on me like Click, and it’s already time for another urban fantasy author update. I have a full slate today that’s filled with writing and day job stuff, so this is going to be a very brief update. No complaints though, and for anyone out there who is struggling with joblessness,…

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Plagiarism and the Indie Author

Boromir plagiarism meme

Recently a fellow indie author reached out to discuss a manuscript he’d been working on with another author. Production had been going swimmingly, but unfortunately they’d run into a sticking point halfway through the second book in the series. You see, their main character is (or was) a female druid named McCool. This author is…

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Urban Fantasy Author Update for August 2020

Druid Arcance urban fantasy novel

Wow… the reviews for Druid Arcane have been phenomenal! You really seemed to enjoy this installment in Colin’s story, which makes me happier than a butcher’s dog on bacon day. Thanks to everyone who left a five-star review, because seeing all those stars has made my day, every day since the book dropped. Also, Amazon mixed…

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Let’s Talk Character Arcs And Dynamic Worlds…

Druid Arcane audiobook cover

Earlier today I was checking out the most recent reviews for Druid Arcane, like I always do with new releases, and I noticed a 3-star review sticking out like a sore thumb amidst all the five star reviews on the page. To be honest, a three-star review doesn’t really bother me. Of course, I don’t…

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